We got a VideoDisc Player!!

Hello all, Xander here! We had a pretty nice day here at Reclaim Video! We had a few customers like normal, some returns, some rentals, basically your typical day at Reclaim Video.Image result for vhs gif

Today we finally got a VideoDisc player! We have had VideoDiscs here for a while, but now we finally have our own player to watch them on! It is so cool! Well one problem….We haven’t gotten it to fully work. You see what makes VideoDisc so cool is that its a disc in a case that the player removes so that no fingerprints ever get on the disc. That part is running smoothly now, but we can’t get it to start playing and spin the disc. I would also keep in mind that I am just the clerk and VideoDisc isn’t my best field. We will keep you updated on the progress on it!Image result for videodisc gif

Today I watched The Professional, a movie i believe i mentioned on yesterday’s post where I said I was excited to finally have it in the store. It was as good as I remembered. A great tale of a “Cleaner” aka Hitman who saves a young girl whose family all were just murdered. The movie is about her wanting him to train her so she can get revenge for her younger brother. Good movie, very much recommend. Fun note : As I’m writing this a guy comes in and rented our copy of The Professional , so clearly It is really good.

Image result for the professional gif

Well This post was a bit shorter than my usual but I didn’t have as much time to focus on writing because of the VideoDisc work. Hope you all have a fantastic day, and if you are in the area come by and see us on Tuesday!

-Xander The Video Clerk

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