Hi all! Xander the Video Clerk here again to talk about what’s going on at reclaim video!

A casual day at Reclaim Video today, people came in, people returned videos. I personally had to take all the VideoDiscs and put them back into our system under the correct format, but of course I love the work! Speaking of VideoDisc we sadly found out our VideoDisc Player is broken so it needs to be fixed. It will be fixed some time, so stay tuned for that exciting development!

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Today we had a really cool customer come in! A father and daughter came in. They seemed very passionate, and said that they had been wanting to come by. They were really cool, and said they would come again next time with the guys wife. They said his wife was very passionate about VHS so i think she will like our store quite a bit. Also a guy said that I was right about The Professional being good. Yeah It was a good day.

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Today I watched a movie called Innerspace, you ever heard of it? I have never heard of it before today! It’s a Steven Spielberg movie! And it’s not pre-Star Wars, it came out after Star Wars! Directed by Joe Dante, who also did GremlinIt’s a sci fi movie about a scientifically miniaturized marine unexpectedly finds himself floating around the body of a grocery store clerk.  They go on a adventure, they bond, and try to outwit saboteurs who want the device that shrank him. Not going to spoil too much. It was a good movie, not an amazing movie, just a good movie.

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Sorry not a lot happened today! I was just a good casual day, and a amazing one at that! I feel that every day at Reclaim Video is an amazing one, and I really hope all of you can make some time to come see this amazing place! I don’t do the store justice in my writing, it really is something beautiful.  Hope you all have an amazing day!

-Xander the Video Clerk

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