4/18 : I’m still alive!?

It’s me, Xander The Video Clerk! How are all of you? Remember me, I totally didn’t forget to update here occasionally.    Anyway let me tell you all about what’s new at Reclaim Video! First you can now… Read More


Hi guys, Xander the Clerk here! Today at reclaim we got a lot of new vhs thanks to Meredith! Way to go! It was a great day and I got to meet the new Clerk (more on that… Read More


Hi all! Xander back again with the info about what’s going on at Reclaim  Video today! It was a slow day… so sad, but there’s always slow days in life. Today I watched a movie called American Werewolf… Read More


Hi all! Xander the Video Clerk here again to talk about what’s going on at reclaim video! A casual day at Reclaim Video today, people came in, people returned videos. I personally had to take all the VideoDiscs… Read More

We got a VideoDisc Player!!

Hello all, Xander here! We had a pretty nice day here at Reclaim Video! We had a few customers like normal, some returns, some rentals, basically your typical day at Reclaim Video. Today we finally got a VideoDisc… Read More


Hi all, it’s Xander! I’ve been gone from the store for quite a bit now! But I am finally back! I don’t want to talk about what i’ve been up to mostly because you are here for Reclaim… Read More

Godzilla V.S 9 to 5

Today at Reclaim Video we had another wonderful day being a leader in VHS , Betamax, and Laserdisc rental services. we had a decent amount of customers come in. We had a customer come in asking if we… Read More

8/16/18 Reclaim Video

Today at Reclaim Video I finally got around to rewinding all of the VHS tapes. For a while i’ve been meaning to do it, but never thought it was necessary. Today I finally got tired of wanting to… Read More