Godzilla V.S 9 to 5

Today at Reclaim Video we had another wonderful day being a leader in VHS , Betamax, and Laserdisc rental services. we had a decent amount of customers come in. We had a customer come in asking if we convert 8mm film to DVD, I had to tell him we do not currently do that. This would not be the first time a customer came in asking if we do converting. We had another customer come in asking if we bought DVDs and VHSs, I apologized to  her and told her we don’t. She sat down and we discussed where else she could try to sell her Opera DVDs, I suggested Ebay or Craigslist. Finally a good friend of mine came in to renew her tapes, this is week 3 of her renewing them. In all a good day at Reclaim Video.

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Fun Fact: Blockbuster and Reclaim Video have the same number of stores.

Today at Reclaim Video I watched Godzilla v.s The Sea Monster and 9 to 5. Both are interesting movies which I had never seen before today. I recommend both for a nice movie to sit down and watch for fun.

Godzilla v.s The Sea Monster was of course a Godzilla movie. That means it had some amazing fights between some zillas. It’s original name was Ebirah, Horror of the Deep, but in America it is known as Godzilla v.s The Sea Monster. I was pleasantly surprised  there were way more zillas then i thought would be in this movie. Godzilla, Mothra, Ebirah (The Sea Monster), and A Giant Condor (Yes that is his name) all make a appearance in this movie. I’d like to talk about how strange Giant Condor is, he shows up only in this movie as Giant Condor, and another movie as Giant Eagle. He has no name, nor does he have an actually origin. He just shows up in these two movies randomly, not affecting the plot at all. He shows up and attacks Godzilla, then he leaves. Very fun Godzilla movie, as always you really don’t need to know much about the Godzilla franchise to enjoy this film.Image result for godzilla giant condor gif

9 to 5 is an interesting movie which was recommended to me. It’s about 3 officeworks who are tired of their sexiast tyrant of a boss, so they abducting him and running the business themselves.  They do drugs and fantasize about what ways they could kill their boss. It’s a pretty funny movie, and I see why it is rated so well in the comedy department.

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Today was a pretty great day at Reclaim Video. Good movies, and a good amount of customers/visitors. I highly recommend coming in to the Reclaim Video space if you are in the area. It is 100% worth a visit.

This is actually my last day working of the summer, so I hope to see you all when I return working at Reclaim Video as my afterschool job. So see you all in September!

-Xander The Video Clerk

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