Hi all! Xander back again with the info about what’s going on at Reclaim  Video today! It was a slow day… so sad, but there’s always slow days in life.

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Today I watched a movie called American Werewolf in London, a movie about werewolves…. in London. It’s actually a really good movie! It’s about these two Americans who are attacked by a Werewolf, one of them dies the other one becomes a werewolf! The now werewolf boy sees the spirit of his dead friend who tells him to kill himself so that he doesn’t hurt anyone. The spirits of the werewolf line’s victims come back as spirits, and will haunt this earth till the werewolf line is killed. Of  course Werewolf boy doesn’t listen because he just got himself a lady friend, then kills some people. So those people also come back as spirits, and they all chat about how he can kill himself. I won’t say how it ends, because everyone should give it a try.Image result for american werewolf in london gif

Watched a Huck Finn Disney movie, but that’s not very interesting. Who doesn’t know huck finn? Would I recommend it? Not really.

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Thanks for reading this post! Sorry for it being short again… I hope the few who read this enjoy it. Don’t want this post to be too boring so here is something funny.  Our store contains a “Close Encounter” poster, yet we do not own the movie in any format currently. I think it’s funny. Image result for donnie darko gif

Well I must go. Hope you all have a lovely day! -Xander the video clerk.


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