Reclaim Video Progress

Since February progress on Reclaim Video has been moving at light speed. Things are really starting to come along, and the idea we’ve been throwing around for a year now is quickly becoming a reality. Here are a few of the accomplishments since mid-February:

Lauren secured some period appropriate posters for the Reclaim Video walls.

From the swag department:

Reclaim Video Sticker Template

The actual stickers

Reclaim Video T-shirts

But lest you think we’re all swag and no swarm, there has also been real progress on the storefront:

Tim has been building custom shelves

Yesterday Tim and Lauren secured the showcase and desk thanks to Craig’s List

And this morning Meredith shared this gem!

The Reclaim Video Storefront sign!

Beyond that, we are expecting the carpet today, which will be installed next week. What’s more, we’ve also been in discussions with the great Michael Branson Smith about the website. So, let it be know, Reclaim Video is happening!