Readful Things at Reclaim Video

The entire Reclaim team has been abroad for the last week, so things have been a bit quiet on the blog—but that’s about to change.  There’s much to share from the official launch of Reclaim Video last week, and a post detailing that and more is in the works. But I couldn’t wait any longer to post about some of our recent, rather unique acquisitions for Reclaim Video from the Etsy shop Readful Things—a shop that has some really fun 1980s pop culture art, including an Atari 2600 The Thing cartridge as well as a Creepshow action figure of that lunkhead Jordy Verrill:

Creepshow’s Jordy Verrill and The Thing comes to Atari 2600

The Thing 2600 cartridge may be the greatest thing ever!

The cartridge—is it real?

And to continue on a theme, check out this infected The Thing VHS tape seconds after administering MacReady’s blood test!

Keep it on the couch!

“There ain;t nothing in Room 237, so stay out!!!”

And last, but definitely not least—The Shining VHS tape featuring both Room 237 and the well-used typewriter.

People continue to ask how we’re going to make money on Reclaim Video, and the simple answer is we aren’t—and that’s fine. But if Readful Things keeps on making such awesome VHS art we may soon be running a significant deficit 🙂