Hi guys, Xander the Clerk here! Today at reclaim we got a lot of new vhs thanks to Meredith! Way to go! It was a great day and I got to meet the new Clerk (more on that… Read More


Hi all! Xander back again with the info about what’s going on at Reclaim  Video today! It was a slow day… so sad, but there’s always slow days in life. Today I watched a movie called American Werewolf… Read More


Hi all! Xander the Video Clerk here again to talk about what’s going on at reclaim video! A casual day at Reclaim Video today, people came in, people returned videos. I personally had to take all the VideoDiscs… Read More

We got a VideoDisc Player!!

Hello all, Xander here! We had a pretty nice day here at Reclaim Video! We had a few customers like normal, some returns, some rentals, basically your typical day at Reclaim Video. Today we finally got a VideoDisc… Read More


Hi all, it’s Xander! I’ve been gone from the store for quite a bit now! But I am finally back! I don’t want to talk about what i’ve been up to mostly because you are here for Reclaim… Read More

Godzilla V.S 9 to 5

Today at Reclaim Video we had another wonderful day being a leader in VHS , Betamax, and Laserdisc rental services. we had a decent amount of customers come in. We had a customer come in asking if we… Read More

8/16/18 Reclaim Video

Today at Reclaim Video I finally got around to rewinding all of the VHS tapes. For a while i’ve been meaning to do it, but never thought it was necessary. Today I finally got tired of wanting to… Read More